This review will contain spoilers (not that it matters that much, as most of it can be predicted by a semi-intelligent toddler).

Where to start… The Circle is an okay movie, that thinks it’s smart as fuck motherfucker. But it isn’t. This movie has some really capable actors, but only 3 are trying their best (Emma Watson, Karen Gillan and Tom Hanks) and one isn’t given enough space (John Boyega). I would like to discuss Tom’s performance in this movie for a bit, to make you understand why I was really underwhelmed with this film.

I really wish more people (especially in a movie like this) would act the same way as him – he’s probably the only “bad” character there that isn’t “cartoonishly” (yep, that’s 100% a word, believe me! I have words, many words, the best words…) bad, because he actually tries to come from a place where he plays this character like a good guy (at least for most of the movie). The others, supporting characters around him, they are paint by number weird, cult-like acting people and look, I do understand the point that “The Circle” made them that way, to the point they don’t realise how they’re behaving, but Jesus-Pole-Dancing-Christ, it doesn’t always have to be so on the nose. Because whatever message you’re trying to send, audience isn’t receiving.

I am not quite sure why was this film pitched, written, or even shot – it feels more like a rejected episode of Black Mirror (if you are looking for something that actually shows you various dangerous of technology, without being preachy or over the top, this is a brilliant show) which was around for 6 years (technically 5 years, as movies tend to take time to be filmed, edited etc., but you know, technicality) by the time this movie was made. And for the life of me I can’t figure out who actually thought they are making something “high-stake”? I mean, honestly?

When comes to movies like this, I genuinely hope all the actors got paid good money, as there was only one thing I’ve enjoyed about this movie (read, didn’t feel predictable), the SoulSearching sequence felt like something that was a pretty good idea. It’s a shame they didn’t surround the movie around this, maybe development of this, and eventually using this to track down more people. But no, instead we get this wannabe Facebook, that hammers us with the same message, that somehow thinks it’s original…? I’m honestly lost with this movie.

What I always do after I finish a movie, is go to Trivia section on IMDb to read them and see, if there is anything interesting. And this one really caught my attention:

The ending was changed significantly for the film adaptation. In the novel, Mae, fully believing in The Circle’s goals and mantras, betrays Ty in his attempt to bring down the company and he is effectively silenced.

Can I just politely ask one, quite simple question? Why the FUCK would you change it to that Hollywood ending? I am honestly curious who thought this paint by numbers movie needed a generic ending. If they’ve kept this ending, focusing more on Mae’s character getting lost in “The Circle”, so it’d make sense for her to do that, it could’ve been a pretty decent, non-generic movie, with an interesting twist at the end. Shame, as this way by the next week, I’ll probably forget everything about this movie, as nothing stands out.

And BTW, if you hire John Boyega, can you maybe give him more than 10 minutes of the movie time, especially if he’s supposed to be the founder (I know he’s in hiding and what not, but still…) People who’ve seen Attack the Block know he can carry a movie with no issues.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This is all for this movie. What did you think? Was I too harsh? Let me know!

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