When you see any promotional materials for Bob’s Burgers, such as posters or trailers, you might think – why? Do we need yet another cartoon family? What is so different about this family? Well, the quick answer to that would be – pretty much everything. And that is what makes it unique.

Bob’s Burgers is a really nicely animated. There is something about their style of animation, that just looks great, but also not too perfect…? I am by no means implying the animators are not doing their job properly, quite the opposite! Their style to me is great looking animation, and that little touch of not being too “polished” or “perfect” is what makes this show unique from the visual point of view. Plus, they let bunch of animators/fans animate entire episode and that’s something I’ve never seen before (it’s first episode of season 8).

I can name three things that make this show so unique from any animated family show that’s currently out there – voice acting, humour and the family dynamic. Let’s break them down, shall we…?

What makes the voice acting standout from other animated shows, is out of the five main family members, two women characters (Tina and Linda) are both voiced by different men. You could say those men are taking their jooooobs… (reference here) and you’d be right, but also that makes both of them not only unique, but somehow more interesting, as you’d expect different voices coming out of those characters. It genuinely works and it’s not even distracting, so after a while, it’s completely natural to you that those two characters sound like that. Plus, H. Jon Benjamin isn’t praised enough (not only for this show, but for his work on Archer (2009), his voice is truly great) Eugene Mirman‘s Gene is a great character with plenty of unexpected one liners (Bob: “Wait, maybe you shouldn’t know too much going in, I think it’ll be better that way.” Gene: “Like the Iraq war.”) and Kristen Schaal has the hardest job in this entire cast – Louise shouldn’t be as great/likeable as she makes her to be. But Kristen found a way to make Louise not only a great (even though slightly mean) character, but also a relatable one with great sense for a dark humour. That brings me to me next point…

The humour in this show is really sneaky. What I mean by this is plenty of time the jokes are not something that would have you laughing all the time, or where the show would try to cram as many jokes into one minute as possible. This show relies more on a delivery of those jokes and plenty of puns. So many of jokes sneak up on you, unexpectedly, mainly from Gene. What also helps is every character has a different sense of humour – Bob’s more into puns, Tina’s into innuendos and inappropriate, mumbling jokes, Louise is the queen of sarcasm… every family member has something else to offer, they compliment each other really well and that… leads nicely to my final point as to why Bob’s Burgers is different from any other animated TV show.

I really appreciate that no matter what happens, the family comes first and they feel like they care about each other. They never cross any lines and if they do, just slightly, they know they have done something wrong, and will apologise. Plus, it’s refreshing to see a family where:

  1. Parents are encouraging their children and loving them unconditionally no matter what. No matter what they say or do, Bob or Linda always say something to the extent “That’s great honey, as long as you want to do it, we will be here and cheering for you.” and I’d like to think people will get some inspiration from this.
  2. They are truly equal, in a sense that there is no “lovable idiot” (and let’s face it, when comes to animated TV shows, it’s usually the dad). This is what makes the Belcher (or as Teddy would say Burger) family truly unique, they are all clever in certain aspects and where they struggle, their spouse will help them out and other way around. Bob has his genius moments, and his dumb moments, same as Linda. This took me a while to realise, as I’m so used to the formula “dad is dumb, but lovable, mum is the clever one” that I didn’t know what it was that felt truly different about this show, until I’ve realised that.

This is why I’ve fallen for Bob’s Burgers. The best word to describe this show is unique, as there is almost nothing “normal” about any of them, they all have their little quirks you won’t find anyplace else, but that’s why you will fall in love with all of them. Even if there are episodes that are centred around a specific character (and they each do get a couple of episodes like that throughout the 10 seasons so far) you will never go “Oh, this is Louise centred episode, that will be boring”, as any of the 5 main characters bring something different to the table. I can’t wait for 11th season and the movie!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

That’s all for this one! Did you see it? What did you think about it? Let me know!

Until next time,