Whether you are one of only few regular readers (and I appreciate each and every one of you more than I can say) of this blog, or just somebody, who stumbled upon this by accident, I wish you all happy new year!

Saying 2020 was “a bit of challenge” is an understatement. We all have faced challenges we thought we would never have to face (like a world-wide pandemic) and every time there was a glimmer of hope (not one, but two working vaccines!) it was immediately followed up by some bad news (not one, but TWO new strains of COVID-19!) so yeah, 2020 can’t fuck off alright.

But here’s the thing – most things won’t just disappear in 2021, unless we make an effort. So, my prediction for 2021 is, it will be another challenging year, but hopefully, it won’t be as rough as 2020 was. I hope that to those few that take their time out of their busy days, to read some reviews written by me, I helped you escape a bit out of that stressful year, made you laugh, or mad at me for having strong opinions about everything. 🙂

I can promise you, that in 2021, you will still get 3 reviews a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with some of them not being just about movies or TV shows, but there might be an occasional book (I am finally making time to read again, after a long time wanting to get back to it!) podcast, or game review coming your way too! So stay tuned.

Lastly, I honestly can’t thank you enough, for reading my tiny blog, or liking some of my posts. It means the world to me and helps me push myself to be better writer, better at delivering the reviews on time and it is fun. So, thank you! Whether you are here for the very first time (hey, welcome, feel free to grab a chair!) or whether you might visit every couple of day, I appreciate you.

Until next time, hoping 2021 will be much better for all of us,