I love podcasts. For the past 6 years I have spent a lot of time driving around (nature of my current job) and when you do that, you will eventually get sick and tired of your own music. Trust me, you do, no matter how big your playlist is. So a few years ago, I started listening to podcasts. And just like with any TV shows, when I start something, I start from the very beginning. I have started listening to the SinCast (one of my first reviews, can be found here) and it took me a while to catch up, as they have been going strong for some time when I started listening. After I had caught up, they have launched a behind the scenes podcast called Behind the Sins (great pun) and to be honest, this took an episode or two before it grabbed me, but then, I was hooked.

I started listening to this podcast when the COVID-19 pandemic started (around March/April 2020) and all I can say is, I don’t regret it. Because they had some part of getting me through some tough times. Aaron, Deneé and Jonathan (please make sure you follow these lovely people on their Twitter accounts, linked above and the official Twitter account) have a great chemistry together, because they are all different people. Aaron is the “responsible” one, who’s trying to keep the show together and moving along (when he’s not arguing why it’s ok to be married to your second cousin ;-)), Jonathan seems like a movie lover, whose calm and almost “fatherly figure” intrigues me and I would be opposed grabbing a drink with him, but the main star of this show is without a doubt Deneé, who is the definition of “chaotic energy ball trapped in a glass box, that’s rolling down the hill”… in the best possible sense…? She can be all over the place, she can sing, she can make weird noises, or freak out over interviewing one of her heroes, once she realises more than halfway through the interview, who he actually is (yes, I am referring to them interviewing Scott Christian Sava and Deneé realising towards the end of the interview he’s the creator behind one of her most favourite web comic series The Dreamland Chronicles) in the episode titled The Eggs, the Eilish, the Croods, and the Crackers episode from 3/12/2020. Also, her voice is pleasant to listen to and I want her to narrate audio books. And these 3 lovely people work very well together, it’s honestly such a fun time and just because of them, this quickly became one of my favourite podcasts, as I could listen to them talk about pretty much anything for hours. That’s the staple of a great podcast, that you can see yourself having a conversation or drinks with the people behind it and they definitely seem like a lovely bunch.

It’s also sobering to listen to everything that’s going on behind the scenes of their YouTube channels (CinemaSins, TVSins, MusicVideoSins and the newest “family” member CommercialSins), specifically how much work, effort, research and everything else is going into every single video, podcast, script… It’s proving yet again, that the old saying “Comedy is harder than drama” rings true and the format doesn’t matter. Whether it is a Hollywood movie with a big budget, YouTube channel or a podcast, if you can make people laugh on regular basis and you can make it look easy, it definitely isn’t easy. It takes lot of work, preparation and some talent and these guys and Deneé definitely have the dedication, work ethic and talent to deliver every week.

To me, this is a great underdog story – what started as “let’s see, whether people are interested to learn what’s happening behind the scenes” quickly became its own thing, with its own inside jokes, and I couldn’t be happier for all of them. I can’t stress this enough, Behind the Sins has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts to listen to and I am always looking forward to Thursdays, to hear these 3 lovely people talk about movies, videos, comics, mobile games, their kids, weird researches they’ve done for the videos and everything else. I would strongly recommend you checking it out, if you are looking to relax and escape this stressful world, for at least some time. Also, these chips are good slaps hard! 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.

That’s all for this one! Are you fan of this podcast? Will you check it out? Let me know!

Until next time,