We interrupt our scheduled program to bring you an announcement!

You might have heard about a website called Siftpop (www.siftpop.com), where bunch of lovely people are contributing to create reviews, Best of Lists and more of good stuff about movies, TV shows, anything interesting that’s happening in pop culture.

So recently (and I don’t know how this happened, to be honest) I have submitted some of my writing and somehow managed to convince them (after a lots of tears, promises, and more tears… hey, so that’s how it happened!) to allow me join their lovely team! You can find my very first contribution here (yes, at the very bottom of the page, I am still not quite sure whether that means anything specific :-)) and more to come in the future.

What does it mean for you and this tiny blog? For you, dear reader, it just mean you can check out Siftpop and see whether that is something you might consider reading too (they do have really great people running it, but I might be biased) and occasionally, you might see my name there too.

Regarding this blog? I will still try my hardest to write about anything that catches my attention every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and I do appreciate seeing people reading, commenting and liking some of my articles, I can’t even describe how much that means to me) and I will be more than happy to take some input from you! What movies you like me to review? The newer movies? The older ones? The popular ones or more obscure ones? Let me know!

I am truly grateful to the folks at Siftpop for giving me a shot (speaking of shots, please get vaccinated ;-)) and to you guys, whether you read me once a week, month, or you are new here (if that’s the case, welcome, there are well over 200 reviews to read through, if you wish!) because it’s really rewarding, knowing at least a few people care about thoughts of random, almost 30 year old person on the Internet. 😉

Thanks a bunch and as always, until next time,