I have told you. If you read my review for the first The Angry Birds Movie (2016, my review here) I mentioned there was a pretty big chance of me watching the sequel, as I am usually a completionist by trade. I have finished almost every single TV show I’ve started. When watching movies, if I know the movie, I am about to watch, has 3 more sequels, I usually check to see whether I can watch them all in a row. That’s why I watched this film, even though I didn’t really enjoy the first movie that much. I was hoping, that somehow, this will be different, better, or at least funnier. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 feels like they somehow managed to cram every single animated movie into one. I don’t believe there is a single original idea in this film, we wouldn’t have seen done (and better) before. And yet, or maybe because of that, it really feels disjointed, all over the place and believe it or not, more boring than the first one.

The premise is simple – some time passed since the first movie happened, so there is a prank war happening between the birds and the pigs. But what’s that, a THIRD island…? Who could have seen this comi… everyone. Everybody could have seen this coming. I don’t want to berate a kid’s movie for being too simplistic, as I get it, that this movie knows very well what it is, but Jesus. This sequel is the literal definition of “it’s animated, it moves and your kids will love it while you will suffer”.

My main problem with The Angry Birds Movie 2 is just the overall boredom. I am always fine with some dumb, animated fun. As I always say, there is no need for every animated film to be “Pixar-like”, in regards to learning an important lesson, getting something deeper from a movie, no. Sometimes, all you want is to laugh for 90 minutes and have a good time. But with this movie, I found myself constantly falling to sleep, that’s how “funny” it was.

And here’s the thing – if the movie itself is boring, you can’t even enjoy the pretty stellar voice cast this movie somehow has. As if you are not in it, you aren’t really focused and as a result, most of the voices blend together. So then you take away something, that might have been a saving grace for a different film (“this movie isn’t that great, but Brad Pitt voicing the alien poop was hilarious!” For the record, this is an example, I don’t think Brad ever voiced an alien poop. But I am also sure, it would have been hilarious.) but in this case, it’s just isn’t as you are so bored, you are past caring.

The only tiny (some pun intended) saving grace and one joke, which actually worked for me, was the baby birds’ storyline, about them getting the eggs, they have managed to lose, back on their own. They go on a small adventure throughout the film, and that pay off at the very end of the film was pretty good and I had a decent chuckle. But as I’ve mentioned, that was about 5 minutes from the entire film – if somebody cut that out and made it into its own short, that alone would have been better, funnier and more enjoyable than both Angry Birds movies combined.

Overall, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is an unbelievably precise example of throwing everything onto a wall and seeing what sticks. Every joke, every character you will recognize from some other movie. There is zero to no originality involved and most importantly, it’s really boring. The animation is as always decent and the baby birds’ storyline was pretty funny, but that’s about it. If you have enjoyed the original movie, you might enjoy this one too. If you are more like me and you weren’t that impressed, do stay away from this one.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

That’s all for this one! Did you see it? What did you think about it? Let me know!

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