As stated before, I go through a bunch of podcasts lately. So when I was looking for a new one to listen to, I didn’t want anything too serious. I was just looking for something funny but still interesting to keep my mind occupied. That’s when I stumbled upon Sarah Silverman‘s podcast. Let me say, I have never seen any of her stand-up specials, or followed her career. But I have always known who she was. And I like most of her opinions, so I thought, hey, let’s give this a shot. It took Sarah a few episodes to get everything “polished” (intro, ad breaks, signing off etc.), but that is what I liked – we get to see her and her podcast evolve.

From what I have seen all over the Internet, Sarah is that kind of comedian who you have heard of and have a strong opinion on. It’s like with my favourite stand-up comic, Frankie Boyle, you either love them or hate them because they say what they want to say and don’t look back. Except Sarah uses her platform (this podcast, her Twitter) to look back and isn’t afraid to admit when she was wrong…? What is that? It almost seems like she might be a half-decent human being…?

That is why I keep listening to her podcast, and I am all caught up on it because I admire somebody who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and be reflective enough to admit when she was wrong. Well, not even wrong per se, she isn’t shy to apologize for her previous jokes that didn’t age too well, instead of doubling down with excuses. That is what keeps me listening to her podcast – the fact she does what she is preaching. She is all about evolving, understanding that anyone can fuck up, but it’s how you deal with it afterwards. Without getting too serious here, this is my biggest problem with social media – everybody is trying to be “as pure as God’s balls”, throwing stones left, right, and centre. There is no room for nuance, for any reasonable discussion. If Twitter finds you guilty, nothing else matters anymore. But that’s not how people act or grow. And Sarah understands that and talks about it well, not only because she’s been through it a couple of times herself. I honestly believe that even though (as she often says) she is Godless, this is how Jesus would have acted had he came back (and you know, existed). I am an atheist myself (shocking after that previous sentence, isn’t it?), but I honestly believe that if there is some God, he would have acted more or less the same as Sarah. Meaning forgiving, talking to people about why are they the way they are, trying to engage with them, not shun them.

I love the show’s chaotic energy, as this is an “anything goes” podcast. Anything from taking calls from the listeners to making up songs with the live-searched porn phrases to the tune of “We Didn’t Start a Fire”. This podcast truly is pure chaotic energy in its raw form, and I adore it. That said, if you are looking for something more structured and “clean” (family-friendly), this might not be the podcast for you.

The only tiny negative thing I can say about this podcast, there are a lot of ads. I get it people need to be paid, we all have to eat, but sometimes it just seems like a bit too much. Especially sometimes, when Sarah’s commenting on a more sensitive issue, and suddenly the show goes to an ad break… it disrupts the flow a bit. But she isn’t the only one, and I understand that since podcasts are free, they need to make money somehow, and you know what they say, nothing is truly free in this world.

This podcast also makes me want to watch some of Sarah’s specials, as I like her opinions. Even though sometimes I might not agree with her on certain things, but guess what? People don’t have to always agree on every single thing. What I have noticed about the way she presents her opinions, she sometimes seems to be making a great argument, only to finish it off by saying: “But what do I know?” or something similar. I wish she wouldn’t question herself like that, as she seems knowledgeable on a plethora of issues. It almost seems like a reflex at this point, and I don’t think that’s necessary.

Overall, The Sarah Silverman Podcast is a fun way to spend around 50 minutes or so. Sarah seems to be someone you want to hang out with, maybe share some vegan food and listen to her talk about a bunch of things, just to hear her opinions. She seems like a cool, down to earth person who can make fun of you and herself. That is common for comedians but not so common in many people. I would say give her a listen if you don’t mind some politics, explicit language or porn-related songs. I am now hooked and can’t wait for new episodes.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

That’s all for this one! Did you listen to it? What did you think about it? Let me know!

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