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Soul (2020) Review – Pixar Strikes Gold, Again

I know, I know… “Pixar makes another great movie” is as surprising as finding sugar in Coca Cola, but even they had some movies over the past few years that were “good, but not great”. Now, I am not going to name any names, but The Good Dinosaur (2015) or Finding Dory (2016) know, what […]

Ava (2020) Review – All Hail Jessica Chastain!

Let’s be blunt about this – Ava is your typical, (below) the average action movie, that’s trying so hard to ride on coattails of (mainly) John Wick‘s franchise. Except they have spent much less time and energy on any kind of world building (you know, the thing that made John Wick franchise as successful as […]

The Trial (1962) Review – Brilliantly Frustrating

If you are not familiar with the works of Franz Kafka, I would seriously encourage you to read a thing or two about him before watching this movie, as The Trial is quintessentially movie based on his book, rather than a movie made by THE Orson Welles. What I mean by that is even though […]

Cats (2019) Review – What The…?

I was not ready for this. I have seen trailers, I have seen the reviews, I have heard movie people rejecting this movie in unison, telling you (and me) not to watch it, even out of sheer curiosity. Have I listened? No. I just needed to see it for myself to believe… it. To believe, […]

Last Christmas (2019) Review – Emilia Clarke Shines, Movie Does Not

Thinking about this now, would it be more sensible for me to write about this movie right around the Christmas period, while people are more likely to read reviews for Christmas movies to watch…? Yeah, probably. Oh well… Last Christmas is a weird movie for me, as it’s perfectly watchable, but ultimately it feels like […]

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) Review – And The Oscar Goes To…

Your enjoyment of this movie will be directly influenced by whether and how much you like Aaron Sorkin as not only “the screenwriter”, but also Aaron Sorkin “the director”. Because The Trial of the Chicago 7 is the purest Sorkin I have seen since… maybe ever? The fact he’s behind the camera and not “just” […]

Bad Education (2019) Review – Bad Title, Solid Movie

Before we dive into the review itself, can we just (and by “we” I mean Hollywood people in charge of coming up titles for movies) stop naming movies “Bad _____”? Honestly, this is the third movie and fourth “content” called Bad Education, next to the TV show Bad Education (2012), (hence the word content), the […]

Doctor Sleep (2019) Review – Almost Perfect

When comes to sequel(s) to classic movies, I am always a bit too sceptical. Let alone after almost 40 years, where the story usually revolves around “let’s catch up with our hero and see how miserable he/she is”. And Doctor Sleep is no exception, at least for the later part, as we do follow adult […]

Here’s to 2021!

Hello! Whether you are one of only few regular readers (and I appreciate each and every one of you more than I can say) of this blog, or just somebody, who stumbled upon this by accident, I wish you all happy new year! Saying 2020 was “a bit of challenge” is an understatement. We all […]

The Old Guard (2020) Review – Highlander, But With Charlize!

The Old Guard is based on a comic book (anybody remotely surprised at this point?) but let’s just get down to the business – it’s Highlander (1986) except without the Queen’s soundtrack, Christopher Lambert or Sean Connery but with Charlize Theron, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dudley (Harry Melling) from Harry Potter movies, so… upgrade…? Downgrade? I […]


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