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Taken (2008) Review – Simple, Short, Effective

It’s hard writing a review for Taken, as it became a pop culture phenomenon… well, at least THAT Liam Neeson‘s speech about “a particular set of skills”. It’s hard writing a review because people often forget that this movie is more than that but not too much more. And that, believe it or not, is this movie’s […]

The Legend of Tarzan (2016) Review – CGI, Abs and More CGI

I have never understood the fascination with any Tarzan movies or the story itself. But people seem to be drawn to the idea of a person who was raised by the jungle/animals. That means every couple of years, we get another of these films. And they are pretty much the same, with minor differences, like the cast, […]

Bolt (2008) Review – Fiction Trumps Reality

I have always liked animated movies, but for whatever reason, Bolt has been escaping me ever since it came out. I’ve always (roughly) known what it was about (a superhero dog), but I have never seen it. That is until a few weeks ago, thanks to Disney+ (say what you want about Disney, but it’s handy to […]

The Witches (2020) Review – All Hail Octavia Spencer!

I knew very little going into this film. I have only seen bits and pieces of The Witches (1990), so I can’t compare them against each other, but this new one was… really bland. My biggest takeaway from this film was that I have no idea, what to expect from Robert Zemeckis, as I can’t think of any […]

The Foreigner (2017) Review – Jackie’s Taken… In Ireland!

Jackie Chan has always been a superb action star, but he became boxed in silly action comedies. So even though he got to showcase his unique fight moves/choreography plenty of times, he didn’t do that in plenty of serious action films. Hence The Foreigner came, trying to showcase what Jackie is capable of doing at his age. Especially […]

Howard the Duck (1986) Review – What The Quack?

Howard the Duck (or Howard: A New Breed of Hero, how the film is titled outside of the USA due to and I quote: “the movie’s disastrous box-office performance domestically”) is definitely… something else. It will always have the fortunately unfortunate “title” of the first-ever movie made based on Marvel comic book. Unfortunate, because they have come up […]

No Time to Die (2021) Review – Great Farewell to Craig’s Bond… James Bond

Everyone, who has ever talked to me about the Bond franchise, knows where I stand on Bond actors. I have always said that Daniel Craig is a great actor, but I didn’t like him as Bond. My argument always was that he looks too “Russian”, too cold for this spy. To my surprise, he’s grown on me, […]

Ted 2 (2015) Review – More Jokes, Less Story

Ted 2 is a strange movie to write about. Why? Well, when I wrote about the first Ted (2012, my review here), I mentioned how surprised I was by the fact it’s fever jokes and more story than I expected from Seth MacFarlane. And with Ted 2, it’s the total opposite. Yes, there is still a narrative that drives everything forward, […]

Ted (2012) Review – More Story, Fewer Jokes

If you are familiar with Seth MacFarlane‘s style of humour (mainly Family Guy (1999 – ?)) and you like it, then Ted is for you. I remember watching it when it came out and being almost surprised how the movie is more story-driven rather than joke-driven, which is something I’ve come to expect from him. While re-watching it a few […]

Jumper (2008) Review – Brilliant Idea Gone to Waste

I know this is something I say a lot. But I don’t think it ever fit as much as with this film. Jumper could be the poster child of how it looks to have a truly great idea executed in such an average way. You almost get unreasonably angry. Because you can easily imagine a much better […]


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